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Why Piano Is The Easiest Instrument to Learn?Tips to Learn Piano Faster

Are you thinking about learning piano to utilize your leisure time or take up a professional learning course on piano? Then the first question that comes to your mind is, how easy it can be? Whether I shall be able to learn piano easily or it will be a difficult task to take up? Should I learn other instruments like guitar, drums, or flute instead?

Well to clarify the queries, we must say that the Piano is indeed one of the easiest instruments to learn and perform music. It has a simple and straightforward learning curve. The note placements and pitches make it easy and convenient for a beginner to understand and learn to play songs.

In this article, we shall explore more about the insights of learning Piano easily and also understand how easy is it to learn a piano. We shall also discuss tips and tricks on how to learn the piano easily.

Why Piano is the easiest instrument to learn?

Piano has been able to get one the top spots among ease of learning, playing and the convenience for music players to produce music. There are a number of factors that haven taken piano to the top spot among musical instruments learning options.

  • Playing Convenience

To play any sound on the piano, the player has just to strike a key and the sound gets triggered right away. No special setup or adjustments in the positioning of hands are required to play the piano.

Imagine a person playing the guitar and another person playing the piano. For the guitar player to start playing, he/she has to hold the guitar properly, keep the fingers on the frets and pluck the strings carefully to get the desired sound.

On the contrary, the piano player just has to press the keys as per the desired notation to trigger the sounds and play the song on the tune. Therefore, the piano as an instrument has the best playing convenience among all melodic instruments.

  • Note Arrangement and Design

The piano notes are arranged sequentially in the increasing order of pitches organized into sets of white and black keys, called the natural notes and the sharp notes. Hence playing any song are much easier using the fingers with the piano.

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In terms of the design, piano sounds are generated straight off using string-hammer technology. Unlike other stringed instruments such as the lutes, guitars, sitar, etc; there are no sound glitches (such as humming, buzzing, de-tuned sounds) coming out of the musical instrument. Hence, the piano is extremely convenient in terms of note arrangement and design perspective.

  • Ease of Making Music

Making music with a piano or a music keyboard is pretty much easier than any other instrument in the music space. With the advancement of software technology, all the current Recording and music sequencing Softwares such as Nuendo, Pro Tools, Cubase, Logic, etc have been efficiently designed to work perfectly with a midi/USB connected piano instrument.

Here is a simple connection infographic for a digital piano/music keyboard that shows how simple it is to connect and start making music with the Recording / Music Production Softwares.

  • Tuning Convenience

One of the most striking features that makes a piano an easy instrument, is that it is hassle-free when it comes to Tuning or pitch correction activity before playing any song or music piece.

Stringed instruments (Guitar, Sitar, Mandolin) or Bowed Instruments (Violin, Cello) or even the Ethic Drums (such as Madal, Tabla) need regular tuning activity before any performance. As a musician, every time you must check these instruments for tuning, else the sounds are de-tuned and out of pitch if not taken care.

However, Pianos and Digital music keyboards do not need regular tuning and can be directly used to play, record or produce music using the keys which is hassle-free and time-saving for a musician.

  • One Man Show with Piano Learning

Considering a full range 88 key piano or even a digital music keyboard of 61 – 88 key ranges, this single instrument can be used to play various articulations of music scores. Be it a bass clef piece or a treble clef or the mid-pieces; all of them can be performed with variety and proper melody with a piano or a music keyboard.

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Such is not the case with other instruments usually. Bowed and stringed instruments have their limited pitch ranges that restrict them to play music pieces with a certain register limit (For example – 2 octaves C1 to C3 or 3 octaves F2 to F4)

Hence piano is an easy instrument to learn and make a wholistic piece of music score with complete music notations which makes it a full-filling experience to play and perform music.

  • Ease of using Music Notation

The music notations are designed and written in such a way that the left hand and right hand notes compliment the piano notes completely. Most of the music notations of notable composers (such as Beethoven, Mozart, Bach, Tchaikovsky) are piano based scores and they fit perfectly in sync with the piano keys. Hence, piano or a music keyboard is truly a winner in this regard as well.

Tips and Tricks to learn piano easily

Here are some of the few tips and tricks that we advise beginner musicians to learn and start playing your favorite songs and piano playing easily.

  • Hire a Professional Mentor who can guide you to learn piano along with notation theory, sheet reading and playing piano music pieces properly.
  • Learn and practice Piano Music Theory with the able support from your mentor.
  • Sheet Notation Reading is extremely essential to play songs live without stumbling. You need to practice staff notes, and symbols and read notation thoroughly.
  • Playing with both Hands for a complete music score or a song is highly recommended.
  • Ear Training is key essential feature for you to master to play any song instantly. Listen to notes, group of notes or chords and try to play them with the trial-error method.
  • Practice and Discipline will make you perfect in your playing skill, as always there is no shortcut to hard work.

Learn Piano in 90 Days – Exclusive Offering from musicdetailed.com

We present to our readers an exclusive and highly demanded course to learn Piano easily and be a better musician to live up to your dreams. Here are the key features of our 90 day Piano Learning Program –

  • Structured course with 15 min crisp and impactful videos for each lesson
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  • Dedicated 3 hour ear training sessions on all scales.
  • Assignment-driven course module for better understanding and thorough practice.
  • Detailed music sheets for 25 performances, 25 English and 50 World Songs for practice

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Frequently Asked Questions

1) Are they any easy instruments to learn just like the piano?

Most of the instruments in the keyboard family such as Melodica, Accordion, Synthesizers, Harmonium are easy instruments to learn just like the piano.

2) How can I learn piano in the easiest way?

Piano learning can be made easy with learning progressions, chords and practice them regularly atleast 4-5 hours every week. To learn songs, one must first learn the basics and then plan for learning sheet music.

3) Where do I get the notations of the songs I wish to learn?

You can download the top 200 song notations from our website under the NOTATIONS category. Alternatively, you can search the web and get many song notations to start with.

4) Can I get an online mentor to learn Piano, Vocals or any other instruments?

For 1-to-1 sessions, please contact us via our CONTACT Page, so that we can arrange online mentorship program for you. For digital music learning with the comfort of your time, choose our 90-Day Online mentorship course on Piano Learning.

5) I want to learn 2 instruments, what is the second instrument you recommend along with Piano learning?

We recommend you to learn an easy instrument called the Mouth Organ / Harmonica along with your piano learning course. This instrument can be learned easily with proper techniques and practice in 60-90 days of time.


Hence to summarize our discussion, Piano is one of the most demanding and easy musical instruments to start your music learning. We recommend to get started with your musical journey of piano learning and be a great musician in the future. For more articles on in-depth reviews, technical learning and notations, take a deep-dive into our website www.musicdetailed.com

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