Versilian Upright Piano VST: In-Depth Review


Introduction to Versilian Upright Piano AU / VST Instrument

Are you looking for Free Upright Piano that fits into your CPU and Space for your DAWs to make some cool piano music? Well, then this Upright Piano solo VST from, Versilian Studios will be a decent choice for you.

Versilian Upright Piano is a Free VST / AU plugin for Windows and MAC Systems that fits into your DAW easily. Musicians get the flavour of a free Yamaha Upright piano with some cool samples and features for their projects.

Features of Versilian Upright Piano

Following are the key features of the VST/AU versions of the Versilian Upright Piano which needs to be considered for review:

  • Light-weight Upright Piano with 300-350 MB of sample files
  • 30 seconds decay samples with full length and 3 multi-velocity layered samples
  • Available in VST / Audio Unit (AU) and SFZ – Sound font versions for installation and use.
  • High quality mics and professional sound equipments used to record piano samples.
  • Produces soft and hard velocity trigger sounds similar to an upright piano while playing with DAWs.

In Depth Review of Versilian Upright Piano

We have tested Versilian Upright Piano using PC and MAC and 2 of the most popular DAW softwares – FL Studio and Cubase latest versions.

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User Interface

Versilian Upright Piano uses a simple user interface with basic controls such as ADSR – Attack decay, sustain and Release for sound envelope control at the basic level. The release could have been a bit better with a higher decay time of the piano samples.

Tone Editing

Apart from the envelope settings, the main controls have a Volume, PAN and Reverb knobs to control these parameters. We tested the reverb and PAN quality of the virtual instrument and its pretty decent.

Interface could have been made better using more controls such as multi-samples, expression, pitch control, modulation which are highly expected from a virtual instrument in its basic and free versions as well.

Sound Quality

This upright piano has a distinctive sound quality of an upright piano with multi-layered piano notes which sound good to the ears. It has only a single multi-sample patch, which could have been better with the variations of patch changes and multiple sound patches.

Sound Library

The plugin lacks a dedicated and detailed sound library of multi-samples and presets on upright piano timbres. Although the solo upright piano sounds really good, yet it does not create a greater impact in terms of variety of sounds in the sound library.

Other Free Piano VST/AU Instruments

Some of the other available Free Piano Virtual Instruments in VST and Audio Units Format are listed as under:

  • SPITFIRE Audio Labs Soft Piano
  • Sound Magic Piano-One
  • Sample Science Room Piano
  • BigCat IOWA Grand
  • PRISM Audio ATMOS Piano
  • Keyzone Classic

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System Requirements for Installation and Usage

  • Windows 7/8/10 (32/64 Bit) Operating system / Mac OS 10.5 – 13 versions / LINUX OS
  • 2 GB RAM minimum
  • ASIO Low latency audio drivers
  • Decent soundcard with USB/MIDI ports
  • DAW softwares – FL Studio/Nuendo/Bandlab/Cubase/Pro Tools


The Final Verdict: 3.5/5

  • User Interface: 3.5/5
  • Tone Editing: 3.5/5
  • Sound Quality: 4/5
  • Sound Library: 3/5

Versilian Studios Upright Grand Piano Free VST/AU has been able to give a good and authentic sounding upright piano timbre of a Yamaha Sampled Upright Piano completely free of cost. However, more was expected in terms of user interface, editing controls and sound library. We hope Versilian Studios brings out an update of their Piano Plugin soon to add new features to the same!!

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