Flamma FS22 Ekoverb Dual Reverb & Delay Pedal Review

Flamma Innovating is a guitar effect pedal manufacturer created by a group of experienced musicians and engineers, based in Shenzhen, China. They started working in 2019, and in 2020 they launched their first models on the market.

They focus on good quality, affordable pedals, manufacturing a wide variety of different effect pedals. With almost four years of life, the company has already begun to become popular among the other manufacturers in the range. Its compact, easy-to-use products are mainly intended for the beginner public, offering a quality product at an accessible price. Today we will review the Flamma FS22 Ekoverb Dual Reverb & Delay pedal.

Flamma FS22 Ekoverb Dual Reverb & Delay Specifications and Features

The Flamma FS22 Ekoverb Dual Reverb Delay casing is built on metal, in a compact-almost-small size of 8.5 cm width x 12 cm height, and 3.3 cm depth, and weighs only 375 grams.

It has two sets of 4 knob controllers, which allow great sound customization, making the pedal a little larger than a standard one.

With these two sets of potentiometers, the two main effects of the pedal are controlled: the ones on the right side are for the reverb, with controls for level, time, tone, and feedback, and the ones on the left side are for the delay, with knobs for the level, decay, tone, and pre-delay.

The switch in the middle of the pedal is used to choose one of the three modes that the FS22 includes, and each one consists of the combination of two effects, being able to choose between reverse delay/swell reverb, analog echo delay/mod reverb, and analog delay/shimmer reverb.

The two footswitches are used to activate and control the tap tempo, and to activate true bypass, which means that when the pedal is turned off the signal goes directly from the input to the output of the pedal, without going through any circuit, therefore not affecting the signal at all. LED indicator lights allow us to clearly see when a footswitch is activated.

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The simple design of the FS22 makes it a very easy-to-use pedal, very simple, and without difficult combinations to handle, which makes it a very good tool when playing live.

In addition, with the purchase of it, the 9v power source that the pedal uses to feed itself is included, something rarely seen in the world of pedals, and a good bonus that comes along with the safety instructions, a quick guide to use and a sticker when buying it.

The FS22 is a stereo pedal, which gives us the possibility to use it connected to two amplifiers and thus achieve a better live stereo width. Of course, it also works by connecting it to a single amplifier, in the mono mode that we already know.

In addition, the controls allow you to use the effects separately, which gives a total of six different effects. Simply turn the level knob all the way down on the effect you don’t want to use, and use the other effect’s controls to customize your sound.

The tap tempo is very easy to use, and keeping the footswitch pressed will activate the freeze function, which freezes the sound effects in an infinite trail, allowing you to create interesting ambient landscapes.

Finally, it also includes the Trail On function, which allows the effects to fade gradually when turned off, giving a very neat and natural finish.

Let’s talk about the 3 modes and their effect combinations: the first one is the Reverse Delay + Swell Reverb. The reverse delay is basically a delay with the trails reversed. Some of that can be heard in the song Are you experienced? by Jimi Hendrix or in the solo of Give it away by the Red Hot Chili Peppers. The swell reverb, as its name suggests, makes the reverberation swell over time, controlled with the pre-delay knob found on the reverb controls.

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The second one would be Reel Echo + Modulated Reverb. Reel echo is a simple echo effect or a digital delay, which simply repeats the signal over time, and the modulated reverb will serve as a chorus effect on the reverb itself, which gives more texture to the sound.

The third and last mode that we find in the Flamma FS22 is the Classic Analog Delay + Shimmer Reverb. With the analog delay, as the trails come out, each one will be darker than the previous one, and it is also very useful and interesting when it comes to finding textures for our music. The shimmer reverb is a reverb with an octave effect included, which generates sounds similar to pad keyboards, which can be maintained over time.

With all these possible combinations, the pedal offers us a very good variety of sounds and effects, and also allows us to explore and experiment with it until we find our particular sound.

Price Of Flamma FS22 Ekoverb Dual Reverb and Delay: Is It Beginner Friendly?

As we have said at the beginning, the FS22, as well as all the brand’s pedals, has a very affordable price. Today it can be found in the official store of the brand for 98 dollars, which is a great price for the features and quality it offers, and compete with other budget brands’ delay-reverb models in the market, like Donner Revecho, Caline CP-80, or Nux Atlantic.

Being a double effect pedal, and having such an accessible price, it is perfect for people who are starting in the world of effects pedals and musicians who are setting up their pedalboard, as well as for those who do not want or can spend a lot of money on a pedal. At the same time, it is very easy to use, so it is perfect to start experimenting since it offers a large number of options.

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Final Thoughts

Both the delay and the reverb are two of the most used effects in the world of music, and can be used in many ways. If you’re a beginner, or setting up your pedalboard, the Flamma FS22 is worth a try. In addition to its very accessible price, its quality, its easy usability and its versatility and the options it offers, make it a really very interesting option.

Today we are lucky that thanks to technological advances and industrialization, brands like Flamma are creating very good products at affordable prices. Let’s enjoy them!

Source of images. flammainnovation.com

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