Flamma FS03 Stereo Delay, Looper: Unbiased Review

Flamma Innovating is a guitar effect pedal manufacturer based in Shenzhen, China. They started working in 2019, and in 2020 they launched their first models on the market.

They focus on making good quality, affordable pedals, and manufacturing a wide variety of different effect pedals. With almost 4 years of life, the company has already begun to become popular among the other manufacturers in the range. Its products are mainly intended for the beginner public, offering a quality option at a much more accessible price than other brands. Today we will talk about the Flamma FS03 Stereo Delay pedal.

The Flamma FS03 Delay Specifications and Features

FS03 casing is built on metal, in a compact-almost-small size of 7 x 12 cm., and weighing only 300 grams. It includes 5 control knobs and a selector button. With the selector button, you can choose between the seven stereo effects that it has: tape, liquid, rainbow, galaxy, mod-verse, low-bit, giving us a maximum of two seconds of delay, and looper, which turns the pedal into a double effect pedal, allowing you to loop up to 80 seconds of music. Each mode can be saved into a preset, allowing us to save up to one per mode.

In addition to the 3 typical delay controls (mix, time, and feedback), it has two more controls called Tweak 1 and Tweak 2 that allow us to shape the sound and combine it with other effects such as chorus, vibrato, and flanger, among others, which gives us a wide variety of sounds. The FS03 also includes an interesting function called Trail, which allows the effects to disappear naturally.

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Another very good feature of the Flamma FS03 is that it is a stereo pedal. This gives us the possibility of connecting to two different amplifiers and thus achieving a wider stereo sound, which adds many points when it comes to live performances. Of course, using only one amplifier we will have the mono output that we already know well.

The pedal can only be powered with an adapter that, as in many other cases, is not included with the purchase.

As we mentioned, FS03 is a very versatile pedal, since it allows us to combine a good variety of effects, to achieve the sound we are looking for. Within the 6 delay modes, it includes some classic sounds, such as the Tape delay, or the Galaxy that mixes the Tape with the classic Memory Man, giving us in both cases a very nice vintage sound.

The Tweak 1 and Tweak 2 control knobs give us great control over the details, and also include classic effects such as the filter or vibrato, allowing us to simulate old tape recorders or vinyl record players. Between the modes and the control knobs, we can explore thousands of combinations and find sounds that are both classic and our own.

The tap-tempo function allows us to easily control the delay time using the footswitch, a classic function in this type of pedal but very missed when it is not there.

The Trail-on function just adds a trail when the effect is turned off, allowing it to fade away instead of cutting the effect dry, which provides interesting neatness when using it.

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Finally, the last three control knobs are the classic ones: mix, with which we control the mix that will come out of the effect, also known as Dry/Wet; the time, which we can also set manually with the knob; and feedback, which allows us to control how many times we will hear the echo of the original signal.

Price Of Flamma FS03 : Is It Beginner Friendly?

As we have said at the beginning, the FS03, as well as all the brand’s pedals, has a very affordable price. Today it can be found in the official store of the brand for 75 dollars, which is a very cheap price for the features it offers, and compared to almost all delay-looper models in the market, like Joyo R-07, Electro Harmonix Canyon, or Nux Time Force.

Having such an accessible price, it is perfect for people who are starting in the world of effects pedals, as well as for those who do not want or can spend a lot of money on a pedal. At the same time, it is very easy to use, so it is perfect to start experimenting since it offers a large number of options.

Source of the images: www.kaironmusic.com.ar

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